Good morning people.

Is it me or is the interweb thingy in “The Nog” really slow this morning???

If it is, it means I need to find otherthings to occupy my time, like finishing the cup of coffee that is going cold, and going and getting washed and dressed. I am still in my PJ’s!

The thing is, I spent most of yesterday messing around with photographs for on here, Instagram and on my Facebook page that I totally lost track of time. I don’t think I have slept much for the last 48 hours. I was wide awake for most of the time, but irritable and niggly with it.

I do have one very big apology to a very dear friend for not making it to his Birthday bash yesterday. Rest assured that I will be making it up to you tomorrow on your actual Birthday!

So anyway, now that I seem to have mastered the technology of WordPress, which did confuse me completely to begin with, I am now ready to start sharing with you all (if you are interested) the mysteries of how I paint and crochet etc, as well as the workings of my sometimes overwhelmed mind. All systems are go, and all social media is linked up!

So first things first…shower time!

Bye for now.

Aunty Stella


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