Welcome to “MadebyAuntyStella”.

The name came about as I was often signing paintings “made by Aunty Stella” when I painted a picture for my niece Sophie. I have been painting pastels and watercolours for a few years now. I mainly paint landscapes as I live in a very beautiful part of Wales in North Powys, there is lots of inspiration to be had. I also paint animal portraits, anything with feathers and fur and I will have a go. People I tend to leave to other artists!

Just lately with the winter being so dark, I have not done much painting but have discovered a talent for Crochet. I am a hopeless knitter so was quite surprised to pick up Crochet really quickly. I am hooked. Excuse the pun!

So anyway I am hoping that I can use this blog site to talk about all things pastel and wool related. Also as I suffer from depression quite frequently I will probably witter on about how both of these activities have helped me cope with low moods, and how they have lifted me up!

So welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy my musings on art, crochet and my state of mind!

Aunty Stella