I only discovered Crochet towards the end of 2016. I always assumed that I would be hopeless at it as I always have very warm hands. I can’t make pastry and when I tried to knit in my younger days my hands would be warm and it would affect the tension of my knitting. I only ever managed to complete a couple of baby cardigans and gave up!

Inspired by the need to find a Christmas pressie for my neice Sophie, I went into the local wool shop and purchased wool to create a simple moss stitch scarf. It was a hit and it got me back in love with all things woolly!

Whilst in the woolshop I said to the lady ” I would love to have a go at Crochet but do not know where to start.” She suggested that I look on Youtube. I did and I found a wonderful teacher on a channel called “Bellacocco”, the teacher is Sarah Jayne. She makes great tutorials and has been my main source of inspiration. I have found others, and also lots  of PDF files of various patterns. The visual style of learning by watching and seeing how the pattern unfolds has been a great benefit for me. Knitting patterns I find hard to read, crochet diagrams are a doddle once you understand the terminology and the key to the sticthes.

So I hope that you will enjoy my journey with crochet and that it will inspire you to have ago yourself.

Happy Hooking!

Aunty Stella.