What colour is your mood today?

I have a big pile of granny squares on my coffee table that I have done over the last few days to make into a blanket. It occurred to me that I am using much more muted and paler tones that I am normally drawn to.

Most of my pastel paintings tend towards the brighter end of the spectrum, and sometimes to the downright dark and gloomy. I do live in Wales now and we are victim to some very dark and foreboding skies at times. I quite like them however.

The last few days though my Grannies are coming out all pale and whimsical. It’s not really like me at all. Also considering the fact that I have been binge watching Amazon’s Viking series you would think they would all be coming out with bright red splatters resembling blood across them!

So this got me to thinking how you other arty crafty people plan and produce your work. Do you think to yourselves that today you will have a “blue” day or that you will have a bright “orange” day. How do you get yourselves inspired to create and how do you manage  to stick to that decision and actually produce a finished article? I know I get bored easily and want to switch colours. I have some more yarn coming in the post…can’t wait!

When you are in the store staring at all the endless possibilities of yarn colours and types, do you have a particular thing in mind, or are you like a magpie and get drawn to all that is shiny and glitters?

They say that your colour choices tell you a lot about a person.  I find that I am always drawn to yarns that have purple and blues in them. According to colour therapy that means I am a very spiritual person in touch with the spiritual side of life…or away with the fairies depending on your viewpoint!

What do your colour choices say about you?

Answers on a postcard please!